About Us

Apex International is a leading provider of global project management and engineering services with a specialised focus on the small to mid-tier oil and gas, mining, energy, civil infrastructure and manufacturing industries.

With an international reach that extends throughout Australia, Europe and the Asia Pacific regions, our highly qualified, multi-skilled team is committed to building solid relationships, working closely with our clients to deliver innovative turnkey solutions to their most complex and challenging engineering and management problems.

Our Goal
Our Values
Our Point of Difference

Our goal is to be the market leader in engineering, procurement, and construction management throughout Australia and Asia Pacific, providing a specialised, client-focussed service with a global influence.

Our aim is to offer solutions that challenge traditional methodologies, through utalising innovative methods and capitalising on our team’s diverse capabilities, whilst ensuring the highest standards of safety.


Building trust and mutual respect is the cornerstone of establishing strong and successful client relationships. Our targeted approach ensures that we not only work with, but alongside our clients in a truly collaborative process to meet their project and business goals.


We aim to reflect the most up-to-date methods of service delivery, because we understand that often the usual or status quo way may not always offer the best solution. Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do. 


Of highest importance is our value of working with diligence, ensuring care and holistic safety is considered at every single stage of work both internally for our employees, but externally with our clients and their staff. 


We firmly believe that no matter the complexity of the work at hand, safety and wellness should always be a front and centre focus.  Determined to manage risk to the highest possible Australian and International standards, our team is continually implementing specialised holistic strategies to eliminate safety and wellness concerns.

By taking this holistic approach, we are able deliver groundbreaking, whole picture safety and wellness results that are fundamental to every organisation’s future success. 


Our team’s ingenuity and diverse capabilities mean we are able to competently provide safe and innovative turnkey solutions to complex challenges throughout a wide variety of industries.

Whether the need is to consult, collaborate, or control all aspects of the project entirely, we are trusted to deliver on our promises in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner.


Regardless of the size of your organisation, we collaborate closely with our clients to build a solid, respectful relationship built on trust and integrity. In fact, our team specialises in understanding the differing needs and requirements of small, mid and top-tier organisations, offering high quality, first-rate, value for money solutions to suit every level.